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December 16, 2011
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4th Wall Plushie Give-A-Way Contest by TheGrumpyTurtle 4th Wall Plushie Give-A-Way Contest by TheGrumpyTurtle

:star:IMPORTANT UPDATE 2: Due to some problems this week, and the fact it would be difficult for me to judge the contest, I'm extending the deadline ONE WEEK! The new deadline is JANUARY 27TH


IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you have been removed from the group recently thanks to the group rule crack down as of late, you may still participate in the contest!! It would be unfair if I suddenly restricted you, and I apologize for this inconvenience!


”Golly! It's so weird! But I just discovered this super weird thing called the 4th wall! And....well...I think I broke it by accident. But that's okay! I mean, I discovered this whole new place with lots of new people! It's so kawaii! I was so excited I decided that I wanted to sew something to help share my home with that new place! Maybe a resident in Pokette? Hmm....which one should I pick? And who should I give it too in this brand new world?!


Lucy has just discovered the real world people! And we all know that Lucy gets very excited over new things! How does she show her excitement? (If you guess green gas, get out) She sews of course! She wants to share the excitement of Pokette with us! But she has a bit of a problem. She has no idea who to sew! And even after that, she doesn't know who should get the plushie! Luckily, Lucy and I chit-chatted for a little bit, and we decided on this:

The contest is simple: You draw your character receiving a plushie of themselves (For example, If your character is a jolly Quagsire, then the plushie must be of the jolly Quagsire) from Lucy, and draw your characters reaction! Are they excited? Confused? Even angry?!

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: The contest starts on Friday, December 16th and ends Friday, January 27th at Midnight EST :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:



1st place: A 12 inch plushie of your PKMC character hand sewn by Lucy!!(Me if you want to get technical) With a 'special' feature depending on your character.

2nd and 3rd place A detailed drawing of your character doing whatever you want. Includes full shading and highlights, a background, and any odds and ends needed.



:bulletgreen:Contest Theme: Like I said, draw your character getting a plushie of themselves from Lucy.

:bulletgreen:Requirments: Three things must be in the picture for it to count:

-Your character
-The plushie of your character
-Lucy herself

:bulletgreen: Points:
-Creativity: Does it make me laugh/cry/fear for my life? Will I remember it later on? Did you push your characters emotions? (15 points)
-Quality: Did you just whip out a sketch in the last 5 minutes? Did you properly use a reference? (10 points)
-Character: Did you keep the characters in character? (5 points)

:pokeball:Basic Rules::pokeball:

-Follow the theme. Simple as that

-Include the requirements, just as simple.

-You must be active in the group to enter! Sorry, but I'd rather Lucy didn't sew you a plushie that you dump in your closet a few weeks later. Even if you passed the member cleaning done by Tea, that doesn't mean you are still allowed to enter. I will be checking all entries accounts that I feel may not may not be active enough. By active, I mean I see a few pictures of your character in your gallery, and an RP or two wouldn't hurt. (That one is a bit iffy though). And I'm sure I can ask a mod for your activity log in the group.

-The picture must be new (Which means the submission date must be after I post this entry)

-Single picture only. No animations or comics!

-No collabs!!

-Keep the character in character please! If your character isn't normally the type to get excited, I would rather not see them do backflips!

-Try to think outside the box! Even if your character is always super herpyderpy happy, push that even farther! Think OUTSIDE THE BOX

-Speech bubbles should be kept to a minimum!

-The entry must match or surpass the quality of most of your drawings in your gallery. I will be checking.


:bulletred: Why are you holding this contest?
:bulletgreen: Because Lucy wants to damn it!

:bulletred: So you're only sewing Pokemon, huh? Guess that means I can't enter with my human character, right?
:bulletgreen: Your human character is more then welcome! Lucy doesn't discriminate!

:bulletred: My art skills are terrible! I have no hope in winning!
:bulletgreen: WRONG! If you look at the judging criteria, you will notice “Art Skill” isn't one of the categories! “Quality” means how much time I think you put into the picture based on your own art skills! For example. If I notice that you mostly just submit sketches to the group, but then whip out a flat colored picture for the contest, you will get Quality Points! But if you normally submit flat colored pictures to the group, and then submit with a sketch, you will lose quality points! Get it?

:bulletred: But my character doesn't know Lucy! How will they get a plushie!
:bulletgreen: Please, Lucy LOVES making new friends! She will be more then happy to sew your character!

:bulletred: But Lucy hates my character! How will that work?
:bulletgreen: Ah yes, the teeny tiny list of characters Lucy doesn't like. (You know who you are) I've sat Lucy down for this, and she promised that she will sew anyone who wins the contest, whether it be a snarky Ampharos or an insane Abra!

:bulletred: Can I use my NPC instead?
:bulletgreen: This is a bit tricky...I'm going to go with yes. BUT. I better know you love your NPC as much as your main character! And I mean as much.

:bulletred: Can I get someone elses character instead?
:bulletgreen: Sorry, but nope. Your character only please!

:bulletred: What mediums are allowed?
:bulletgreen: Traditional and Digital!

:bulletred: How many characters may I include in my entry?
:bulletgreen: You may include as many as you wish, BUT be careful not to clutter the image!

:bulletred: Aw man, I have this totally insane and hard Pokemon, while my competitor has a simple one! Am I at a disadvantage?
:bulletgreen: No! Lucy loves a challenge, and will sew any Pokemon, even if that means sewing a million tiny scales or a few extra legs.

:bulletred: I don't live in the United States. Can I still enter?
:bulletgreen: Of course! It's open to everyone!! I will pay for the shipping, so you don't worry your pretty head about a thing!

:bulletred: How long will it take to make the plushie?
:bulletgreen: Depends. A simple design may take a little more then a week or two, while a harder design might take a little less then a month. Please remember Lucy needs her sleep and social time, so she can't always be working on it! She can send WIP pictures on request though.

:bulletred: I hate my entry! Can I change it?
:bulletgreen: Yes, but only once! If you do change it, your name will receive a little dot next to it ':bulletyellow:' letting me know you changed it. If you ask again, I will refuse. If you pester me, I will disqualify you

:bulletred: Well, I won the contest, YAY! But for some reason, I now just learned that I can't give you my address! Now what?
:bulletgreen: One of two things, and it will be your choice. Choice number 1) You pass on the first place prize to second place, and take second place prize. Or 2) I will still sew the plushie for you, and send you a picture of it. Whenever you are able to send me your address, I will ship it to you. Once Lucy starts the plushie/drawing, your choice can not be changed.

:bulletred: But my character has already gotten a plushie from Lucy!
:bulletgreen: Lucy has a million ideas for plushies! She might've felt inspired to make a new one!

:bulletred: Where should I send my submission?
:bulletgreen: Odds and Ends more then likely. And please post a link to your submission in the comments!

:bulletred: My question hasn't been answered!
:bulletgreen: Note/comment me please!


Granite-Skull: [link]
Emizelenka: [link]
Coyotepack: [link]
Blue-haired-farmer: [link]
RabiesGirl: [link]
KibaTheFloatzel: [link]
Cheru-Hime: [link]
:bulletyellow:Gafagear: [link]
AllAmericanOtaku: [link]
Bloomin-Inquisitive: [link]
Selenewerwolf: [link]
Warkipax: [link]
Lhumina: [link]
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Lhumina Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012
Here you go! [link]

oh god I'm so intimidated
everyone's entries so far are amazing
Warkipax Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

I'm workin' on my entry, but now I see another with almost exactly the same theme submitted...

It's gonna be docked on Creativity, that's fer sure.

Well, since I've already planned ta do this, I guess I'm still gonna see it through!

...Wow, Travis' speech has really rubbed off on me.
TheGrumpyTurtle Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Hmm, well is there any way you could take the idea and make it your own? Don't lose faith just yet ;) No matter what it is, I'll be excited to see the end result :D
Warkipax Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, I've finished it.

REALLY under the wire, I know.

SeleneTheWerewolf Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012
[link] omg i GOT IN! *sees new deadline* :faint:
Bloomins Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
[link] Phew... :3 There you go.~
AllAmericanOtaku Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
Done, um, it's a Gijinka, so I hope it doesn't look too bad.
Gafagear Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Hobbyist
Yarr, If i won the thing by any chance, would i be able to ask for a Slowbeard Plushy, despite the entry being of Quarbo? o3o'
TheGrumpyTurtle Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Student General Artist
...Actually, you might've just found a loophole in my rules. I thought I had stated in the rules what I posted >8C

Soooo I guess since I'm not going to just change the rule, you can get a plushie of Slowbeard if you win!

Curse you gafaaaaaaaaaaa |D
Gafagear Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012  Hobbyist
:iconrivetingtalechapplz: IM SO SMRT!

Though, you are actually just super nice, cuz anyone else woulda just said no, or changed the rules X333
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